Nurturing Our Relationship: Coming Back to the Source

Barton and Megan Cutter at the NC Museum of Art

By the willow tree. Photo credit: Megan Cutter

Barton and I have been working so hard lately- Barton in building his coaching and leadership practice as he begins CTI’s Coaching Certification Program, and I have been immersed with some immense quarter-end projects in my new position.

It didn’t help that several weekends in a row, we were away from home, as I travelled to Charlotte to attend a CTI Fundamentals course, and we facilitated another workshop in Durham. The laundry piled up on top of the washer and the pile of dirty dishes stacked in the sink.

Needless to say, we’ve been on go-mode. And there was no down time in sight.

It felt like ages since we had done something, anything together, just the two of us.

In an effort to get out more, and connect with our community of friends and writers, I found this Poetry Slam event at the NC Museum of Art. While we reached out to the facilitator to read at the event, we never heard back. So on a whim, we printed out our poems to read and after work on a Friday evening, and headed out to the museum. How disappointed we were when we were told the event was ticketed and sold out.

We stood in the foyer speaking with those who told us we could wait and see if there were any empty seats.

Barton and Megan Cutter at the NC Museum of Art

photo credit: Megan Cutter

But the sun shining through the windows was beckoning us- it was a gorgeous spring evening. And we just couldn’t wait in line in the somewhat dark hall of the museum.

Venturing outside, we meandered down a path by a willow tree and around a pond, with each step sinking into the relaxation and enjoyment of each other.

Both of us became quiet, enjoying the silence and the presence of each other. Walking, hand in hand around this path, the clouds formed an amazing sunset. We took our time, not in any hurry to get anywhere.

We watched as a few families had brought a picnic and commented about how we should do that next time. We passed a few dedicated runners and bicyclists along the way, all finding their way around us.

We breathed deep, let go of all the busyness at home.

barton and Megan Cutter at the NC Museum of Art

Enjoying the sunset. Photo credit: Megan Cutter

How long had it been since we had just stopped to nurture our relationship? Caught in the process of solving issues that needed our attention, figuring out plans/refiguring out plans, working on projects, planning schedules, both dedicated to that never ending to-do list.

This was the time we needed to come back to each other, to find each other again. To be with each other again.

It was a deep breath before going back into the fray of life, and we were reminded of the why of life and they why we are together.

What brings you back to the source?



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