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Today, I am Just a Wife: Disability, Hospitals, and Medical Devises

Today I am just a wife. Many days, I am more than a wife. I am a writer, healer, logistical coordinator, director, strategist, driver, unorthodox problem solver, cleaner, project manager, problem solver, go getter. I am creative, sensitive, perfectionist, brave, … Continue reading

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Blazing the Path to Innovation: Disability, Travel and the Willingness to Explore

So here we are, Megan and I have been in our MV-1 for only a week, and we are already tearing up the road and blazing trails. While the excitement of receiving this wonderful vehicle has been far beyond words … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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Uncovering Opportunity Amidst Life’s Messes

Last week, Megan recounted my recent experience with local police & EMS, and those oh so well intentioned folks who inadvertently caused unneccessary mayhem while doing their best to help. In the days since, I have spent countless hours processing and attempting to make sense out of conflicting perspectives on what transpired, many of which exist purely internally. Continue reading

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Facing the Mirror of Vulnerability

I find myself struck by how, as we enter again into refining our book for publication, we are continually being called to embrace great courage in our daily lives, almost as a living reflection of our editing process. Continue reading

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