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Not Just an Ordinary Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone- we hope your Christmas or winter celebration was filled with family, friends and love! Continue reading

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Not Disabled, Just Human

While none of us are perfect, there is within us a core that is a whole in and of itself. It is this core that gives us the richness of our humanity! Through focusing on this essence, rather than our shortcomings, we can discover both the strength and the courage to understand how we can best utilize our gifts, while at the same time, face our own difficulties with compassion. Continue reading

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Conversations with Perspectives of Disability

Recognizing that we all have strengths and faults, no matter what our ability or inability is important, not only in our relationships with others, but how we identify ourselves. In many ways we become the labels we name ourselves to be. What are the labels you write on your skin, and are there any you need to erase? Continue reading

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