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Taking Care- Personal Care Assistants, Care Taking and the Husband-Wife Relationship

Perhaps the bigger question is how we define care taking in a marriage. We would argue that there are many other forms of taking care of each other in our marriage. Continue reading

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Calm Waters- Celebrating Our Sixth Wedding Anniversary

Over the weekend, we chilled out- took time out of work, home, family, etc. to acknowledge the place where we are and the challenges we have had to overcome. We see each other differently, I would say with more respect and love- there is a reverence for each other deeper than what we have known. Continue reading

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Discerning the Path Toward Adoption

It was important that each of us be respectful about where the other one was in the process. Now we have come to the place where we both would love to have children and begin the process immediately, but we are working on the list to make sure we go through the home-study without major hurdles to Barton’s disability. Continue reading

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A Dream Delayed, Not Denied

Adoption itself is a long process; it may be several years before we’re able to bring a child in our home. But believing and working toward our dream gives us something to look forward to! Continue reading

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