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Comments from The Peanut Gallery

It’s a delight to have so many voices & perspectives that add to the conversation and dialogue. One great point that was brought up was how we deal with others who make comments- how do you respond to them? Continue reading

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Offering the Space to Change

If we are able to let go of our fears and engrained patterns of behavior we will find a place of expansiveness that in turn creates a profound sense of dignity for you and everyone that you come in contact with. Continue reading

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The Healthy Cripple

At one time or another, we will all be healthy cripples. Continue reading

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No-Hole Repair Day

What I loved about our no-hole repair day was not that it was just marking items off a list, but that it brought pieces of our community together. Continue reading

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Playing Bodyguard

I was open to chatting and was pretty impressed at how well he understood me. As he began to talk more, it became apparent that he needed someone to listen and I was happy to do so since I saw this as a healthier option for him than pouring more alcohol on top of his troubles. Soon, however, it was obvious that things were beginning to shift. Continue reading

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