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It Takes a Village

It’s a very humbling experience to admit that we can’t do everything ourselves. Continue reading

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Clearing Out Space

learing out the space implies movement, movement to where, maybe the known, maybe the unknown. Taking this first step is the most important and the most courageous. Continue reading

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New Year’s Excitement

I’m very excited to announce the opening of Blooming Lotus Coaching, a life coaching practice dedicated to working with families touched by disability to enhance the independence of each member while encouraging alignment within the family as a whole. The mission for the practice is to enable people, with and without disabilities, to connect with, listen to, and act upon their innate wisdom and experiences in order to bring about a life of greater fulfillment for themselves.
Continue reading

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Driving on Thin Ice

Once we hit Charlotte, the snow began falling in big fluffy flakes. Continue reading

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