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Coming Home

My mother wrote to me one time saying, “Your path isn’t easy, it is made of jewels milked with stones that make you strong and able.” This is how I remember both my grandmother and my grandfather. Continue reading

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Walking Through the Storm

Was my life in eminent danger? Probably Not. But who knows what was around the corner. The metaphor of the storm is one I am still processing. We were full of awe at the power of nature, every time a wave would crash, we couldn’t help but just feel so humbled. Continue reading

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When is it Time to Ask for Backup

We thought about taking all of it on ourselves, but realized this would not give us results. When a few fundraising opportunities didn’t work out, we started to look at our values, and how we could best include them in meeting our goals. Community is the focus of our vision. It is very important to us to support our community, and more than once we have needed our neighbors’ help. Continue reading

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